What are New Releases?

  • During the month of release these wines are offered first to active Partners before they are made available in the tasting room. New releases are shipped four times per year.

How do Wine Shipments work?

  • GrapeSeed ships new releases four times per year, generally March, June September and November.
  • In advance of the wine shipment, Partners receive an email notifying them of the wines in the shipment and the estimated timing of delivery. Partners are given an opportunity to change the delivery date, customize their shipment or opt out of the shipment at this time.
  • Shipments are sent automatically unless otherwise directed by a Partner.

What is a Wine Fund?

  • Your Wine Fund is your own personal fund which you can use to purchase wine. As of November 1, 2017, GrapeSeed is re-introducing Wine Funds. Choose the level that’s right for you: $50 or $100 per month.
  • We will collect your wine fund contributions monthly and will cap any personal fund at $300.
  • Wine Funds can be set up and used to purchase the quarterly member Wine Shipment.
  • Wine Funds must be used within one calendar year of the last contribution and expire after that.
  • Wine Funds are not refundable.

When will my wine arrive?

  • Our Gold Seal Shipping employs standard ground shipping from UPS, which takes approximately 5 business days. If you purchase Expedited Shipping, you will receive 2-Day Ground or Air shipping depending on where you live. During extreme weather months your shipment may take longer, as temperature controlled shipping takes longer.

What is a Gallery Collection wine?

  • Since our tasting boutique is housed in the Paul Mahder Gallery in downtown Healdsburg, we have developed a series of wine collections inspired by the art on the walls around us. Winemaker and Co-Founder, Matt Smith, works with Paul Mahder to select an artist and a series of artwork to turn into wine labels. Matt lets the artwork inspire the choice of wine or wine blend to put into the bottle.

How does the prepaid shipping benefit work?

  • We know that one of the biggest barriers to purchasing wine on line is the cost associated with shipping. We get it. In order to help reward our loyal customers, we offer our Prepaid Gold Seal Shipping benefit. Think of it like Amazon Prime for wine. You pay just $99 annually and all orders are covered at no additional shipping cost to you. Whether it’s a club quarterly shipment, taking advantage of special offers, sending gifts for friends and family, making sure wine is available where you’re heading for vacation: your wine ships wherever we can ship at no extra charge. Members who sign up for this benefit start saving money on the 3rd quarterly shipment (and everything thereafter). Take advantage of this benefit for sure!
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